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Recipe Book Layout + Photography + Editorial

Print Design project
Deliverable Type
Edited Final Deliverables 📁,  Document(s) 🗃,  
Design File(s) 🎨
Typical Project Length
 30 - 50 days

The Scope

We’ll start the project with a deep dive into the goals for this new cookbook. Once we’ve done more research and discovery, the creative director, copywriter, & designer will put together creative concepts/mocks and an outline of content, names, & headnotes.

We’ll present to your team for review/approval.

With your approval of direction/layout/and outline, our team will begin on copywriting for the content of the book while creative director, producer, photographer, & food stylist prepare for the shoot day. On the shoot day, the whole team will be there to supervise, including the creative director.

We’ll then edit and color correct all of the selected shots & get your approval on each. Meanwhile, the creative director and/or the graphic designer will be working on the layout, bringing in the approved copy + photography when ready.

We’ll present digital versions of the layouts for your team to review & provide feedback on. We’ll do 3-4 rounds of revisions before finalizing the layout and preparing for your chosen printer.

Project Details

1   Creative Concept Documents
1   Copy
1   InDesign Project Files
1   Raw Photograph(s)

Process & Approach

Creative Discovery/Research (~2-4 days)
Concept Development (~ 1 week)
Copywriting (~1.5 weeks)
Pre-Production (~3-5 days)
Shoot Day (1 day)
Photo Editing of Selects (~3-5 days)
Print Design (~2 weeks)
Final QC & Book Printing/Production ( ~ 1 week)

Who's on the Team
Creative / Art Director
Photo Editor

What's Included
Creative Direction
All equipment included
Full studio included
Location Scouting
Concept Development

Things to Note
Work Hours (Flexible)
At least one rep from the client team will be present on shoot day
The client is responsible for all expenses accrued for any extra licenses or equipment
Stakeholder feedback must be collected in one document/place prior to providing feedback
Available Add-on Services
Printing Vendor Research
Custom Illustrations
Video Series


30 - 50 days minimum project length

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May 2024
June 2024
July 2024
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