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Producer For Video, Social or Broadcast Projects

Production project
Deliverable Type
Advice/Consulting 🎬
Typical Project Length
 1 day

The Scope

The price reflected is my day rate. Working with the [Client Organization Name] team I will oversee the pre-production and production process for your video, social media ad, or broadcast TV spot. Depending on the needs of the project, I will create and/or maintain the project budget, negotiate contracts as needed and supervise production staff. I will ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

Project Details

Process & Approach

Discovery & Concept Planning:
- Conduct an initial project kick-off meeting to understand the project's goals, objectives, and requirements.
- Collaborate with the client and creative team to oversee the video's creative concept, storyline, and visual style.

Pre-production Planning:
- Create a detailed production plan, including script development, storyboarding, location scouting, and talent casting.
- Develop and manage the project budget, allocating resources efficiently.
- Create a production schedule, ensuring timely completion of each phase.
- Hire and manage the necessary crew members, such as directors, cinematographers, and editors.
- Oversee talent casting and scheduling for on-camera appearance

- Supervise the video shoot, ensuring equipment setup, lighting, audio recording, and shot composition meet quality standards.

- Collaborate with editors to guide the editing process, including selecting shots, pacing, visual effects, and sound design.

Final Delivery:
- Assist in QC of final edited videos in the desired formats for distribution.

Payment Schedule

Payment will be due before the final deliverable handoff.

Who's on the Team

Things to Note
Work Hours (Flexible)
Stakeholder feedback must be collected in one document/place prior to providing feedback
Timeline and turnaround-time highly dependent on feedback
Client will provide script and/or creative docs prior to project start
There will be no tangible deliverables because I'm providing advice/consulting
Production Costs NOT included


1 Day minimum project length

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