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Creative Direction with Connor

Graphic Design project
Deliverable Type
Project File(s) 🗄️,  Edited Final Deliverables 📁
Typical Project Length
 4 - 6 days

The Scope

Hi, I'm your Basil Concierge. Here's a sample project scope to help you get a feel for how it looks!

This is where I'd describe the project goals and my specific approach. It also helps to use this section to briefly tell them what is/is not included within this scope of work.

Lastly, to add extra personality, try to tell them why you're uniquely qualified to handle this project type.

Project Details

1   Design(s)

Process & Approach

Discovery Phase
30 mins - We'll hop on the phone to discuss your goals for this project, aesthetic tastes, and specs. I'll take a bunch of notes and write up a brief.

Research & Development
1/2 day - I will do a deep dive research session to learn about your industry and position in your market. This will help me understand your market landscape and how to make these designs stand out from your competitors.

Concept Development
1-2 days - Using our research and discovery call as a base, I will develop 3 creative directions.

Feedback Session
30 mins - I'll present all three creative directions to you/your team. We'll discuss the pros/cons of each and we'll choose a direction by the end of the session!

Design Round
2-3 days - We'll go through 3 rounds of designs, refining each and every time.

Final Revisions
We'll do a final check and make final revisions before I package up the files and deliver all files to spec!

Who's on the Team

What's Included
Style Framing
Concept Development
Prepared design files (to spec)
Final Project Files included

Things to Note
Work Hours (9 AM - 5 PM)
Stakeholder feedback must be collected in one document/place prior to providing feedback
Open to work Mon-Friday
Suitable for medium-sized business
Suitable for small teams
Timeline and turnaround-time highly dependent on feedback
Basil chat is the preferred method of communication
Available Add-on Services
Unlimited Revisions
Style Framing
Hard drive
Virtual supervised sessions available


4 - 6 days minimum project length

April 2024
May 2024
June 2024
July 2024
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