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Brand Strategy for a Successful Biz - Template

Brand Strategy project
Deliverable Type
Document(s) 🗃,  Advice/Consulting 🎬
Typical Project Length

The Scope

Dive deep into your goals, market position, customer segment, and value proposition to securely identify and build a methodology around your brand position, differentiators, tone of voice, & brand pillars. This project will ultimately lead to a brand strategy document that becomes a single source of truth for your brand’s strategic identity.

The Brand Strategy Document provided is the perfect way to discover who you are as a brand, how you'll interact with your customer, and how you'll stand out from your competition. This document includes a framework for your entire brand, including customer persona research/outlines, a consumer decision/use journey with brand touch-points, competitive research, brand positioning, and value propositions.

The Creative Brief document will outline what is strategically relevant / required for the development of visual elements of the brand, including logo, colors, iconography, font, and design elements. This document is developed as the perfect item to hand off to your brand designer.

- Brand visual guidelines (logo design, color schemas, font/typography, etc) are NOT included in this experience
- Copywriting is NOT included in this experience

Project Details

1   Creative Brief
1   Brand Strategy Document(s)

Process & Approach

Discovery Call:
We will discuss your organization, goals (short-term and long-term), and target customer/audience. I will ask thoughtful questions, making sure to learn as much as possible about your organization’s strategy, goals, & KPIs. You'll also hand off any existing relevant assets.

Discovery Interview Session:
I will conduct interviews with key stakeholders. This may include your team, customers, and partners.

Strategy Round 1 Presentation:
I will present findings, analysis, takeaways, and a rough brand strategy outline to your team. The goal after this presentation will be to workshop ideas / gather feedback from your team to begin finalizing the strategy.

Research & Strategy Development: - Round 1
I will use stakeholder interviews & discovery information to conduct more in-depth research before crafting a rough strategy outline.

Research & Strategy Development - Round 2
Feedback and ideas will be applied to the strategy outline and I will build out a strategy document.

Final Brand Strategy Presentation:
The final presentation of the brand strategy document for final approval.

Creative Brief Development - Round 1:
Using the strategy document, I will write up a 1-3 page creative brief, to be handed off to your design team. You'll be asked for feedback on this first draft of the creative brief.

Creative Brief Development - Round 2:
I will apply your feedback to finalize the 1-3 page creative brief.

Final Delivery of brand strategy docs:
I will apply your final feedback to all deliverables and deliver all final files.

Who's on the Team
Brand Strategist

What's Included
Brand Strategy included

Things to Note
Work Hours (Flexible)
Stakeholder feedback must be collected in one document/place prior to providing feedback
Add'l deliverables outside of the outlined scope of work will be an additional scope of work + additional cost
Available Add-on Services
Taglines & Messaging
Naming (product, brand etc.)


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