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60 Second Animated Explainer Promo - Bored Cow!

2D Animation project
Deliverable Type
Final Render(s) 🔨,  Edited Final Deliverables 📁
Typical Project Length
 25 - 40 days

The Scope

Using your script, boards, & designs, I'll work with you to animate a 60-90 beautiful animated explainer video, highlighting what Tomorrow Farms & Bored Cow does and how you do it!

See reference for design style: https://tryboredcow.com/pages/our-comic

See reference for animation/motion style: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/1ea8fwr7xqy7fmspog6iq/h?dl=0&rlkey=8ilrty2nwuij7tcgyaj4z9e70

Project Details

1   Motion Graphic Animation

Process & Approach

Discovery: Review Scripts, Boards, and Assets with the Tomorrow Farms team and outline the exact goals. Review any creative notes on animation style and discuss opportunities/constraints.

Design Assets Loading/Breakdown: (2-3 days) Take your assets, boards, and designs and break them down in illustrator/after effects.

Motion Test(s): (3-5 days) Based on our discovery, I'll produce 3-5 short (2-5 second) animations to present as representations of the animation style. I'll get approval on the motion style before continuing to animation.

Animation Round 1 (1.5-2 weeks): Begin animating the first

Animation Round 2: (1-2 weeks): Rough cut of full animation, with additional textures, layers, and finesse to the animation work from Round 1. I'll also make sure to include changes/updates/additions based on your feedback from Round 1.

Animation Round 3 (6-8 days): Final Revisions based on your feedback from round 2.

Final Delivery: Deliver to spec

Who's on the Team
Animator (2D)
Motion Graphics Artist/Designer

Things to Note
Work Hours (Flexible)
The client is responsible for all expenses accrued for any extra licenses or equipment
Timeline and turnaround-time highly dependent on feedback
Open to work Mon-Friday
This project will be run remotely
This project’s time will be tracked
Freelancer will retain the right to use assets in portfolio
Add'l deliverables outside of the outlined scope of work will be an additional scope of work + additional cost
Stakeholder feedback must be collected in one document/place prior to providing feedback


25 - 40 days minimum project length

April 2024
May 2024
June 2024
July 2024
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