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3D Design

Design (general) project
Deliverable Type
Edited Final Deliverables 📁,  Advice/Consulting 🎬,  
Design File(s) 🎨,  Project File(s) 🗄️
Typical Project Length
 21 - 27 days

The Scope

Craft a memorable experience that makes your org / product look sophisticated and stand out.

I cover a variety of 3D design use cases, including (but not limited to):

Product Design & Prototyping
Visualize and prototype products before manufacturing to reduce design errors / higher production costs

Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR)
These immersive experiences often requires a design/component system to get things off the ground.

Cinematography & VFX:
Great visual effects require an experienced designer to create models behind the stunning experiences we're used to on the screen.

Marketing / Advertising:
Whether it's content, mobile/web, a digital or physical product, you'll love adding some dimension to your brand book. Stand out in any crowded market with a more creative or modern flair than everyone else.

Project Details

1   Mockups
1   Creative Concept Documents
1   3D Models
1   UI Design

Process & Approach

Project Kick-off:
Initial meeting to gain an understanding of your project goals, vision, and specific requirements. This consultation phase will help us establish a clear direction for the project.

Conceptualization & Design Development:
I will begin crafting initial design concepts and develop the 3D models in accordance with the project's objectives. I will share these concepts with you for feedback and revisions.

3D Model Detailing:
After finalizing the design concept, I will start with the detailed 3D modeling process. This involves creating accurate and intricate 3D models, ensuring they adhere to industry standards.

Note: Any requested revisions to initial concept/wireframes in this phase may result in an overage since much of the work be unusable/must be restarted.

Texturing & Rendering:
Once the 3D models are ready, we will apply textures, materials, and lighting to enhance realism. The rendering process will produce high-quality images or animations based on your project's requirements.

Review & Revisions:
I will provide you with drafts for your review and accommodate any necessary revisions of the model(s)/texturing until you are satisfied with the final 3D designs and visualizations.

Final Deliverables:
Following your approval, I will hand off the final design files and rendered images or animations in the format of your choice, ensuring they're ready for use in your projects.

Who's on the Team

What's Included
Creative Brief Development Consultation
Creative Direction
Final Project Files included
Website UX

Things to Note
Work Hours (Flexible)
Stakeholder feedback must be collected in one document/place prior to providing feedback
Add'l deliverables outside of the outlined scope of work will be an additional scope of work + additional cost
Available Add-on Services
Motion Graphic Design & Animation


21 - 27 days minimum project length

April 2024
May 2024
June 2024
July 2024
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